Mixed Biomedical waste Incinerator

Product              :Mixed Biomedical waste Incinerator
Quantity             :60 units
Contract period:To be decided by the supplier
Please confirm your willingness to execute this contract project by sending brochure and your price quotation for the below specification to enable us submit it to the firm incharge of the contract for their study and approval.
Type of Waste: Mixed Biomedical waste.
1. Waste burning capacity of unit: 100-125 kgs / hr.
2. Mode of waste handling : Autoloading– DFDV + Bucket elevator
3. Type of fuel : LDO / HSD
4. Type of Burner operation : Automatic
5. Expected fuel consumption: 30-35 kgs/hr **(depending upon overall
mix of the waste, moisture
content, etc.) after preheat.
6. Connected electrical load : Approx. 7-8 KW (AC 3 phase,220V, 50 Hz).
7. Overall space requirement : 9 m (L) X 8 m (W) X 6 m (H) Each unit
without stack
Burners temperature controlled (TIC – Thermocouple) and work on ON –
OFF basis. The frequency on ON – OFF will depend upon the nature of
waste, moisture content, calorific value, etc. and shall vary from waste to
waste. The fuel consumption also depends upon the frequency of the door
opening and method of operation of the incinerator. We have mentioned
approx. expected fuel consumption figures.
The Incineration System comprises of :
I. Main Incinerator with
A. Primary & Secondary Chamber Modules duly refractory lined, piped & wired.
B. Bucket elevator + DFDV mechanism for autoloading and Deashing
II i. 1 No. fully automatic Fuel Oil burner for primary chamber.
ii. 1 No. fully automatic Fuel Oil burner for secondary chamber.
III. Centrifugal forced draft fan assembly complete with motor drive, duct and
dampers, etc. mounted on the common skid of the unit to provide :
Combustion air.
Eductor air.
IV. Eductor Assembly for :
Cooling of exhaust gases from 900 – 1000 0 C to around 350 0 C .
Keeping the entire system under negative pressure to avoid hot gases / dust
particles rushing out of charging door.
V. Electrical Control Panel along with safeties, and Audio / Visual
indicators and
/ or alarms for efficient and safe operation of the system.
VI. Electrical wiring of the unit.
VII. Oil tank of 1000 ltrs capacity mounted on the skid
VIII. Operating tools and tackles comprising of – rake, hoe, shovel (I No. each).
IX. Chimney of  2.5 Mtr height.