Integrated Hospital Waste Management

Gilgit-Baltistan Environmental Protection Agency intends to mange hospital waste through piloting of three major districts headquarter hospitals (Hunza/Nagar, Skardu, Chillas and Gilgit and city hospital Gilgit) through integrated Solid/Biomedical Waste management.
For this purpose GBEPA has planned to procure solid/biomedical waste incinerators with other necessary equipment through open competitive Single stage (two envelop technical and financial) bidding as per PPRA Rules on the criteria as under:


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All bids will be evaluated under Single stage two envelope bidding
The bidders will be evaluated on technical and financial grounds.
Price will be taken into account after technical evaluation.

For technical evaluation the bidder/firm has to be evaluated under the following criteria;

  1. Relevant past experience of establishment of integrated solid/bio-medical waste management system
  2. Capabilities with respect to personnel, equipment, technical expertise, and supply networ
  • Appropriate capacity building opportunities


  1. Repair and maintenance of equipment and machinery to be supplied


  1. Capacity building of staff to operate machinery/equipment


  1. Manufacturing/ dealerships within Pakistan


  • Financial strength of bidder/firm
  • Technical, financial capabilities with adequate managerial capabilities of the fir


  1. Legal status of firm, blacklisting /any litigation in any court of law within Pa
  2. The bidders have to submit bidding documents in a sealed package with Single Stage two envelop bidding (technical and financial).
  3. Technical and financial Evaluation committee reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bidders/firms without assigning any reason there
  • The evaluation of Bids will be based on technical evaluation by the Evaluation Committee which is based on 500 points (100 points for each technical capacities)


S# Technical Expertise Maximum Points Points obtained
Past     experience     and   proof   of     Installation       &operation/manufacturing/distribution of integrated solid/bio-medical waste Incinerators in working conditions in any public sector hospitals in Pakistan  
02 Personnel, equipment, technical expertise,manufacturing /dealership of machinery within Pakistan. 100
03 Capacity building opportunities for running andmaintenance of machinery/equipment (Trainings of hospital staff) 100
04 Repair Maintenance of machinery and equipment aftersale and service facility 100
05 Financial strength of firm/bidder 100

After acceptance of technical and financial bids the bidder/firm has to supply the equipment/machinery as per specifications provided by GBEPA, equipment will be supplied on respective districts as per agreement with 30 days of the issuance of supply order.

  1. Equipment List

Following is the list of Machinery and Equipment

  1. Incinerators 05 Nos
  2. Primary Waste Collection Bins Sets (Red, Yellow, Green) Bulk
  • Secondary Containers (Red, Yellow, Green) Bulk
  1. Tertiary Containers Eight (optional)
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) Bulk
    1. Gloves
    2. Masks
    3. Shoes
    4. Coverall (protective Clothing for waste handling workers)


VI. Trolleys for Waste Transfer Thirty
VII. Signage’s Bulk
VIII. Standard shovels or tools for waste loading/unloading Bulk
IX. Tagging Bags for waste handling at primary level Bulk
3. Specifications

Following are the detailed specifications and terms and conditions for each equipment / machines;

  • Incinerator:

Chamber                                           Double
Burning Rate                                  10 kg per hour (for two incinerators)
Burning Rate                                  20 kg per hour (for three incinerators)
Loading Method                          Manual
No of Burners                                Single for 10 kg/hour and Double for 20 kg per hour Fuel       Diesel and Natural Gas
Warm Up Time                              Not more than 20 minutes
Temperature controller          Digital
Power Supply                                 Single Phase 220V
Chimney Height                            20 feet from ground level
Wet and Dry Scrubbers           Optional
Terms and Conditions for Incinerator Supply:

  • General


  1. Bidders shall provide 5% of the total cost as bid securit
  2. Bidders are   required   to    provide    warranty    of    the    equipment    as    per recommendations of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).


  • Bidders should provide printed brochures of the equipment elaborating details of specifications, brand name, model and capacity etc.


  1. Bidders / firms should also provide proof of past experience of establishment of hospital waste management system and piloting with training and capacity building of procuring agency /authorities with proof of dealership within Pakistan and availability of spare parts in fut


  • Specific
    1. Installation and Operation:


  1. Transportation and installation at selected points in the project are
  2. Construction of civil infrastructure as per requirement of the Incinerators, transfer and transport system in consultation and consent of GB-EP
  3. Fixing of incinerators at designated sites with standardized procedures as per agreed by GBEP
  4. Technical testing of the installed incinerators for minimum of two week
  1. Training:
    1. Develop standard operating procedures in consultation with GBEP
    2. Develop training module for plant operator’s in-lines with agreed SOPS.
    3. Impart training to Hospital Plant operators (incinerator operators).
  • Maintenance:
    1. Develop manual for minor maintenance for troublesh
    2. Provide basic accessories required to maintain operation as spare parts of the equipmen
    3. Provide one year free of cost maintenance of the system according to the warranty provided by OEM
  1. Work Plan/Documentation
    1. Provide detailed work plan including BOQ’s (bill of quantities).


  1. Submit detailed design of the each project with spe


  1. Submission of project completion report


  1. Financial Plan
    1. 50% of the approved tender cost will be given on transportation and installation off machinery/equipment at project
    2. 30% of the remaining cost will be paid on completion of II & III.
    3. 20% will be paid after satisfactory results of the project or mutual agreement of both partie


  • Specifications for Primary and Secondary Waste Collection Bins:

Color                           Red, Yellow and Green
Material                      Plastic or Composite
Strength                      Strong enough to handle waste
Made                           By any reputed company

  • Specifications for Waste Transfer Trolleys

Color                           Any
Material                      Metallic
Strength                      Strong enough to carry waste of 10 kg to a distance of 100 meters
Made                           By any reputed company

  • Specifications for Signage’s

Signage’s and billboards of standard designs and material for installation at various locations of Hospitals carrying waste handling and awareness messages.

  • Specifications for PPE’s

Gloves, Masks and Safety shoes made by any reputed company complying international safety standards.

  • Specifications for Standard Shovels or Tools for Waste Loading / Unloading

Metallic or any other standard material made any reputed company

  • Specifications for Tagging Bags

Plastic bags with printed identification of the purpose of infectious waste handling at primary level